Monday, November 19, 2012


I contemplated over and over in my head about my story. I'm not even going to lie guys i didn't turn the guy in who rape me the first i was raped. The reason being i was terrified of  this man getting off and finding me an possibly killing me. So, the second time I was terrified and i wasn't going to turn him in but i had a voice of reasoning on my side and convinced  me it was the right thing to do. Don't get me wrong i knew it was the right thing to do but look @ it like this i had a lot to lose this time but I had to think of other people besides myself. Like for instants my daughter i want her to know that the person that she looks up to is strong and has a voice and not willing to let someone defeat her. An, for the other ladies that might come in contact with this predator. I didn't want that to happen to them i was lucky to get a way the next person might not be so lucky. So, had to swallow my pride and give my fear a kick in the you know what and told my story. It was super hard having to sit in front of 20 strangers and relive the ordeal over again. GOD has plan for everything. So, I say this morning look in the mirror and tell your aggressor I NO LONGER FEAR YOU, FOR FEARING YOU IS MY WEAKNESS AND YOU SHALL NEVER, EVER WEAKEN OR SILENCE ME AGAIN. I HAVE VICTORY TODAY AND TOMORROW. WHAT DO YOU HAVE!

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