Monday, November 12, 2012

My Journey Through My Pain: My Story

Hmm.... Well, as you may know my name is Sundra. I grew up in an abusive home. My dad use to beat my mom and my oldest brother. He even tried to kill them, thank GOD he never succeeded. I grew up with a lot of anger and my anger didn't really surface until my 20's. During my younger years' i stayed pretty much reserved. I had few friends and i do mean few.  I've been raped twice; the first time i was nineteen (19) by my ex boyfriend's best friend. My ex boyfriend didn't believe me when i told him so that was the end of that relationship. Second time: I tried the dating services on the web something i will never do again. I think they should do a full background check on the people that sign up for there services. I know it's easy for people to lie when using these services. Well, guys this is just a brief inside look into my world, and my pain. Signing Off Until Next Time My Loves 


Sundra:) :)

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